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Saturday, November 17, 2012

♥ 2 Years later

Remember how ages ago I posted that I'm moving everything from here to livejournal? Yeah, I guess that was a pretty good choice!
It's been a long time, blogspot was something that I've used back in my high school days. And now, my little brother has graduated and I've suddenly decide to come visit the old me. The dramatic, naive, attention-seeking and retarded me. The me who used to post the most stupid and depressing post every time my ex-boyfriend ignores me at school... haha, I know, that was the typical high school girl behavior. The me who posts about the goods and bads of life from a teenage girl's point of view even though no one even comes and read (except the ones who spam the chatbox).Blogspot was the place where I come and vent my daily complaints, whether it's (mostly) about my ex, school, teacher, food or just how shit life is~~

Going back and reading my own writing, I actually feel like punching my old self. 16 years old Jenny,stop sounding like a know-it-all, grow up, stop complaining about everything like a useless person, the world doesn't revolve around you!  No wonder the public hates teenagers, they (I can use that now cos I'm no longer a teenager) over dramatize literally everything that's possible. And no, I'm not pointing my finger at anyone~ I've been there and done that, guilty as charged. Strangely though, back then it just felt like a way to fit in. Not many of you may know that I've always had trouble fitting in with others. Now you may say "Why try to fit in, be unique!", yeah, that's what they all say. But when you're a teenager, the most important thing to you is NOT to be the odd one out, despite how many people tell us to just be ourselves, it never works. Anyway, I'm going off-topic again (just like old times!), my point is, that blogging me had a complete different mind set than now. Right now, I blog for other reason/s.

If you've visited my livejournal, you'll probably notice I don't write about my personal life. Yes, it's a place where I dedicate all my "fangirling" to! I translate Japanese things to English for others who are in the same fandom as me. And I share my shopping experience on the internet, oh those money I've spent from idoling... and sometimes I write drama reviews (gotta catch up on that!). Livejournal is the place where I connect with other fans, argue with antis and just randomly rant about how handsome/cute/sweet/hot/sexy a idol is♥ A place where I join communities and find plenty of juicy photos and videos to drool over in my free times, a  source of self meditation I call it xD

For the past 2 years, my blogging reason has changed, my blogging style has changed... but I still sound like the same idiot as I was back then~~~ If the 16 years old me was a stupid little brat who complains about everything, then the current me would be a overly-hyperactive fan who needs to stop going crazy for a few guys she's never going to meet (but hey, at least it's not Justin Bieber or One Direction), and as stupid as it sounds, I pay for that account. 7 bucks every 3 months just so I can upload more user photos than those with a free account. Why? Because I have too many idols >:3 (yes yes~ Jenny has gone completely Insane~ you make me go insane, she give me so much pain, I won't be back again -♫BTOB, Insane) Ahahaaa, crazy woman right here!! I'm actually thinking right now of updating both blogs, since it's my holiday at the moment and maybe I can vent more things out on my personal life again~ =P

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

♥ Disappointments...

Maybe you’d think that it’s strange for someone to become upset about losing a mobile phone… but I am. The phone wasn’t an amazing high-tech phone; it wasn’t my favourite colour… I didn’t really worry about it too much in the beginning either. Then I started thinking; what if someone picked up that phone and uses it for something inappropriate. I don’t like to think the worse, but my negative dad made me. He gave examples of all the possible negative outcomes, some saying to have effect on my life; I’ve not to think too much from his word… I really did try. Yet, my best friend and my boy friend laugh over it like “stupid Jenny can’t even keep her phone.” I can’t believe the first people to make joke out of me are those who I considered closest to me. I don’t know who I can trust. Since when have I lost faith in life, in the people I trust the most?

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

♥ [Anime] Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn 2011 Calendar

The big announcement:

Spammers: this blog has been abandoned so stop wasting your time!

Readers: I'm moving everything to livejournal because it's easier to manage~ So if anyone doesn't mind, just follow the link~ and if you have a LJ too, feel free to add me!
My LJ: http://yuma-daisuki.livejournal.com/

and as the topic has announced~~ Here is what I wrote about:
Click [HERE] if you are still interested in anime like me =P


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

♥ The experience~

So I've started working at the pet shop at Sunnybank Plaza. Even if it's just 2 days, it has made an animal lover like myself wanting to suffocate them with my own hands:

silly little canaries, splashing water and seeds at me while I was cleaning the cage~ I loved the food bath (not)
stubborn little fish, stop swimming away, the net has chosen you~ you must go!
cheeky little puppies, my hand is not your chew toy nor your food, making a huge mess in your cage won't change that fact
scardy little kitten, I know heights are scary, but that doesn't make me a scratching pole to cling on!
stupid little quails, stay away from the vaccum cleaner unless you want to get sucked in, and stop rolling around in your food!
and crazy little mice, please stop having babies!!!


11:13 PM

Monday, November 1, 2010

♥ Fiction – Voices from Hell chapter 3

It seems like that Yuki and I aren't the only people who got off at a station situated in the middle of nowhere, 3 strangers also stepped out onto dirt ground carrying their suit cases. A short man wearing glasses, a perky looking girl with one of those classy cameras around her neck and last but most weirdly, a foreigner wearing a full sized robe. The day is still freakishly hot even now it's like 5 o'clock pm, but that didn't seem to affect this blonde headed man. Although he was wearing a hat and sunnies, his fair golden hair still lingered on the side of his face.

The hotel is probably the only building within 2km from the station that is actually within sight, whoever decided to build an opera house/hotel out here is either a love nature freak or just a complete knucklehead. No wonder the opera house isn't being used anymore… I'd be surprised that the hotel can still survive. The outer appearance of this building actually wasn't that bad, about 3 storeys and glass windows paved across the second the third floor while a huge white entrance awaits us. A sign sit just above the front entrance, fantasme caché. If I've been paying any attention in my French class then I probably will be able read that but unfortunately I have better things to do such as sleeeeep.

"Hidden Fantasy" the short man suddenly said. He was half bald and had a mole under his right eye; his voice was hoarse and deep "such a suitable name for a place full of mystery!"
a smirk appeared across the perky girl's face, she pointed her camera at the sign, click! The tall blonde man glanced at the sign for a second and commenced walking.
"I can't wait to see the stage," Yuki stared at the sign with excitement. I wonder if there's a specific reason that brings the guests here, not that anyone would come here without a certain purpose I don't think. Still, I want to see for myself how fantastic this place really is. I followed the rest of the small group through the entrance and into the hall area.

I'm not sure what a normal person's imagination of a hotel is but this one definitely doesn't fit with mine. The place is dusty and stuffy. Instead of a hotel, it looks more like a haunted house… so much for a fancy exterior. Spider webs draped from the corner of the ceilings, dusts on the handle of the stair case and it was unbelievably cold even when it's a freaking oven outside, my first impression of this place has been altered from 'okay' to 'I want to go home'. All the curtains are closed, shutting out the light source which makes the whole place spookier. You call this a hotel?! I call this stuff a Haunted House! I wonder if all the employees here (if there is any) are zombies and Dr Frankenstein. When my eyes finally got adjusted to the darkness, I saw 2 figures standing in front of us; a petite girl and this guy with 2 sets of narrow lines for eyes.
"Welcome to fantasme caché, my name is Okato Ryuji and this is Nariko. I hope you enjoy your stay with us." Said the narrow eyed man "I have received all the notification from you about coming here so a small snack has been prepared for you after you're done settling in"
"please follow me, I will take you to your rooms" said the girl with short hair tied back named Nariko. Her voice was soft but musical; I can't help but grin back at her smile. Smack, a hand slapped me on the back of my head.
"Ouch! What was that for?" I turned to whine at Yuki
"Oh, there was a fly landing on your head" she replied quickly without even looking on me but here face definitely says I am pissed. I honestly don't understand women! One minute they can be all happy and chipper and the next minutes it's like they've been possessed by a female lion.

I threw my bag onto the bed after dropping off Yuki's stuff, gosh her bag was heavy! Girls carry so much unnecessary crap when they go travelling! The room was small… and boring. A simple single bed, a small desk covered in a thick layer of dust and a window which obviously hasn't been opened for years since a gigantic spider web has covered the whole outer side of the push out window. Sorry spider, but I can't stand the stuffy air so I'm going to having destroyed your food catcher! I pushed the windows out, watching the web stretch and tear in half. Looking out at nothing but trees… endless field of trees! I wonder what I'm supposed to do if the train decided not to come to this station anymore, how am I suppose to get out of this hell? Hmm… let's hope that's not going to happen.

I trotted down stairs again, even though I wasn't expecting good food from a place like this but I don't think my stomach cares anymore. It's been growling at me since I got off the train. The short man and the perky chick was downstairs as well, Yuki was casually nibbling on a small piece of biscuit. Just as a reached the bottom of the stairs, a figure suddenly rushed in from the entrance and BAM! I was knocked down onto the cold floor.
"I'm so… sorry, I didn't see…. you coming down…. from the…. stairs" a boy's voice was trying to talk in between exchanging CO2 for oxygen. I got up on my feet, and realised that the boy was about my age, a bit taller than me. He face was bright red and he was sweating a lot.
"It's fine, no major harm done" I replied slowly
"hi, my name is Kurikara Tetsuya but you can call me Tetsu, I'll be staying in this hotel as well! Nice to meet you!" he held out his hand
"Ikuma Kento… nice to meet you too" I shook his hand as I said.
"So Kento-kun, are you here for that reason as well?"
"which reason?" there's actually other people who wants to use the damn old stage in the middle of nowhere other than Yuki?
"Oh you didn't know?" he's voice suddenly turns into a whisper "there are some fortune hidden in this hotel that's worth millions, apparently they haven't been found yet!"
"…. Huh!?"

(To be continued)



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